Bespoke Wedding Lighting.

Welcome to STYLISH Entertainment, we specialise in bespoke, creative, venue and marquee wedding lighting which completely transforms any space - inside or out.

Image of a big ball of flowers with fairy lights in a dining room.

Babington House Orangery with beautiful floristry and lighting by STYLISH Entertainment.

We combine our experience in Theatre, Weddings, Parties and Events to create WoW factors wherever our lighting is installed. 

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We also offer STYLISH wedding entertainment including DJs and Musicians, view our wedding DJs here.



Marquee Exterior Free Standing Canopy

Image of a marquee with a free standing canopy in the centre.We offer creative lighting design for marquees and gardens.

Marquee Lighting
Image of a marquee interior with fairy-light canopy

Soho Farmhouse, Oxfordshire with the beautiful Sperry Tent and our fairy-light canopy.

Stretch Marquee with NEW intelligent Festoon and Pink LED up-lighting.
Pink stretch marquee with water feature.

A water feature in your venue is a must to create an image like this!

This beautiful stretch marquee shows the use of our sound activated intelligent festoon lighting, creating wave patterns and colour changes.

Barn Fairy Light Canopy
Image of an Oak Wedding Barn with fairy-light canopy

A lovely rustic barn with a makeover of white curtains and fairy-light canopy

This creates an intimate atmosphere whilst highlighting the outstanding woodwork and architecture.

Light and Shade Tree Lighting
Image of a smartly dressed bride and groom embracing underneath a large tree with festoon lighting.

This is Alex and Erin on their wedding day at Babington House in Somerset. A beautiful image from Ria Mishaal of the couple underneath our striking lighting.

This is our most popular lighting effect at the celebs favourite hangout Babington House in Somerset. 

Image of a White Chill Out Dome

Chill Out Dome with Light and Shade Tree Lighting.

Interior Fairy Light Canopy

Image of a fairy-light canopy installed at Babington House

Shown here are warm-white fairy-lights suspended from the atrium above the tables. The windows then reflect the fairy-lights as it gets darker and the twinkle becomes brighter!

Image of a fairy-light canopy with LED up-lighting and DJ lighting.

Combining a STYLISH fairy-light canopy, LED up-lighting and DJ dance-floor lighting

Earlier in the day the Orangery at Babington House was used for dining. When the room was re-set for the party we added up-lighters, DJ decks and dance-floor lighting. 

Interior Zig Zag Canopy with Shades

Enchanted Forest Themed Party
We created this for Jamie and Jools Oliver. This low hanging canopy offered an enchanting, intimacy for her 40th birthday party.

LED Mood Lighting (7 colours available)
Image of a traditional marquee with additional mood lighting.

Beautiful summer party in a traditional marquee with additional fabric panels and up-lighting.

Image of the bar at Babington House with Red LED lighting.

mood lighting in Pink with battery powered LED up-lighting.

We love mood lighting as it transforms any room, highlights architectural features and is a great transition from day to night.

Please contact us with your requirements.

The Pine Fairy Tree Ligthing
image of a fiary-light canopy in a Tree

A canopy of Fairy-lights in a Huge Pine Tree.

Image of a large tree with a fairy light canopy suspended from it.

Alternative view of our Pine Fairy Lighting Canopy. Works well in the Summer and Winter

We love climbing trees and creating beautiful lighting effects for weddings and Christmas decorations.

Free Standing Fairy Canopy

Exterior Fairy Light Canopy

Garden Canopy of LightsThis flexible, free standing canopy can cover a large or small area. It creates a sociable and relaxing Al Fresco experience. 

The Field of Light
Image of field of light at Babington House

Hundreds of candles in jars at Babington House in Somerset

Image of a bride and groom in a field surrounded by tea lights

The Field Of Light at Soho Farmhouse, Oxfordshire.

If you love twinkling lights then this is the effect for you. Hundreds of flickering lights which look stunning at winter weddings.

Festoon and Fire Pits.
Image of a church with festoon lighting runniong down the entrance and fire-pits on the lawn.

Festoon Lighting with low-level fire-pits for a winter's wedding.

Festoon lights on poles are a great way to create magic and fun along exterior pathways. 

Fairies in the Bush
Front of Babingotn House with bush lighting either side of the front door.

Add a touch of twinkle to your bushes and shrubs.

We can light trees, bushes, shrubbery, swimming pools, wells and anything else!

Image of a swimming pool ready for a party.

Swimming Pool with added Cocktail Bar, Lighting, Shades and LED Furniture.



Well LightingWe hope that you have enjoyed some of our work and images. Please contact us on the form below if you would like further information on our lighting design and styling services, or please call us on 08444994565.

Many thanks.

Ali and Nigel

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