Lighting, Styling and Production

How Much Do you Charge?

We need to know a few details before we can offer a quote which include size of the venue / space. Ceiling height if we are creating a canopy and access times. The most important question is have you sought permission from the venue before contacting us? some venue are very fussy about their properties however, we are always very respectful.

When will you setup and de-rig?

Our preference is to setup the day before your wedding, the wedding day will be very busy with your caterer, florist, bar-staff and photographer all wanting to access the same space as us.  We try and work to your requirements for the de-rig, if your wedding is a Saturday we prefer to de-rig on a Monday however, if that isn't possible we will de-rig on Sunday.



How much do your DJs charge?

Each wedding is different due to location, timings and individual requirements. Please submit our contact form with all the details we require and we will email you costs and options.

Will you play our requests?

Yes, we actively encourage both your requests and dis-likes.

We have a mixed-age crowd, is that an issue?

No, we are very experienced at entertaining everyone in your wedding party - even aunt Betty!

Can you setup during the day?

Yes, we offer an early set-up for an additional fee.

Can we have a DJ and band for the evening?

Yes, we are used to splitting the evening with a band and DJ can advise on the best way to use both.

How late can you play?

It depends on the venue but we are used to late nights, you may have to pay accommodation locally if it is unsafe for the artist to drive home.

How do we book?

If you make an inquiry we will email you with artists available for your date and a fee. To book, we will need your names, address and contact numbers. We will then email you a deposit invoice with t&cs. Once payment and t&c''s have been received, we will email you a booking confirmation.

What area do you cover?

Over the last 12 months we have supplied entertainment from Norfolk in the east to Cornwall in the west, the south coast to the midlands. We have artists located across the south which enables us to cover a large area.



Where are you based?

We are based in Somerset close to Bath but, as you can see from the above we can cover a large area.  

Do you have public liability and pat tested equipment?


When do we pay?

You pay a deposit when booking and the final balance in the weeks before your wedding or, on the night once the artist have setup.

Can I speak with anyone?

Of course, we are available on the phone during the day +44 20 8133 6929, if we do not answer please leave a message and we will call you back.

Are you reliable?

Yes, we have backup talent if someone is ill and have never let anyone down on their wedding day.

Who are STYLISH?

We are an entertainment business based in Frome, Somerset. Stylish Wedding Disco is a trading name of Stylish Entertainment Ltd. Prior to setting up STYLISH we spent 20 years in London working in the music and advertising industries. We founded the award-winning Factory Studios which is currently London's top creative post-production studios and production company. That is why our outlook is fairly unique and why we offer great customer service in an industry that has a poor reputation which we would like to change.