Entertainment Images

Below are some of our favourite entertainment images from recent client weddings. 


Image of Thornbury Castle Gloucestershire

Great shot from Thornbury Castle of a same sex wedding

Nighttime Celebration: Within the bar's intimate ambiance, a lively wedding party comes alive with a multitude of people dancing under the warm amber lighting. Center frame, the bride and her friend share a heartfelt embrace, capturing a moment of joy and connection amidst the vibrant festivities.
Image of a stretch marquee with people dancing.

 DJ, Sax and Bongos getting everyone dancing at Wentworth Estate, Surrey

Image of a lady talking to giant Kangaroos with Dodgems in the background.

 You can even have Kangaroos at your wedding

Image of a first dance at a wedding

 Fulfil your First Dance fantasy with the perfect STYLISH lighting, dance floor and DJ

Image of a Jazz Trio playing at a wedding reception

 The STYLISH Cocktail Jazz Trio of Sax, Guitar and Double-Bass

Wedding Tipi with DJ lighting and dancing

Wedding TiPi with some fine moves. Thanks to Martin Beddall Photography

In a classic black and white frame, the bride and groom dance joyfully, hands crossed in the air, their smiles capturing the pure happiness of the moment. A timeless snapshot of love and celebration on their special day.
Image of the singing waiters performing

 Singing Waiters provide the perfect surprise that everyone will love

Hedor House near Taplow with people dancing at a wedding

 Wedding DJ with live Sax Player

Image of party dj Nigel Peirce with lazer lighting

 DJ Nigel Peirce on the decks with dance-floor lighting

Wedding marquee interior, a lady centre frame pulling a strange facial expression. Whimsical Moment in the Wedding Marquee: At the heart of the wedding marquee, a lady stands, her expression a playful twist of surprise. In the background, a man, arms folded and smiling, adds a touch of warmth to the scene, creating a candid and lighthearted moment captured in time.
Image of a lady throwing her head back and laughing at a wedding reception with DJ lighting in the background.

 Total happiness on the dance floor featuring violet Up-lighting

Nighttime Elegance: In the bar's evening ambiance, three large windows illuminate the wooden floor, softly bathed in pink lighting. Dance-floor lighting on the walls adds a touch of sophistication, setting the stage for a stylish gathering as the anticipation builds for the arrival of wedding guests.
Fire Performers at Babington House.

 Dazzling Fire Performers at Babington House post wedding breakfast

Image of James F DJ. Book him with Stylish Entertainment.

 Our STYLISH selection of DJ's and dance floor lighting will get the party started

Image of a DJ setup with Sax and Bongos

 Festival Trio featuring Sax, DJ and Bongos

 Dodgems are loved by kids of all ages!

Image of a Harp being played by a blonde harpist

 A Harpist is a wonderful option for a drinks receptions or wedding breakfast

Image of a Lazer in Green with stage

 Getting the right dance floor atmosphere is so important and helps get the crowd dancing.

Image of a piano being played

 A Pianist is a stylish option for drinks reception or wedding breakfast

Stage lighting transforms Kin House as a live band takes the spotlight, bathed in a captivating red glow. The audience, appreciative and immersed, enjoys the performance amidst the dynamic interplay of lights, creating a vibrant and memorable musical experience.

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