Five ways to totally transform a venue #2 Decor

In this blog series ‘5 ways to totally transform a venue’, we are exploring the essential details of wedding venue styling and atmosphere, from lighting and music to fabric and flowers. Last week we looked at an array of stunning lighting offered by STYLISH Entertainment, and are now shifting our focus to decor, and the way it can be used alongside lighting to create a picture perfect wedding venue.   

Depending on the look you would like to achieve in your venue, there are many decor options available for venue styling. Some of our favourite projects include winter wonderland, circus party and a Middle Eastern paradise as well as the use of specialist furniture to give an extra decorative feel.

We use beautiful fabrics to create drapes that change the shape of a venue and create an intimate feel, transporting people from the reality of a function room to a fantastical world.

This Middle Eastern style theme incorporates the use of soft furnishings including red satin style drapes and furniture like the sofas, chaise lounges and cushions. Other props such as faux palm trees, lanterns and shisha pipes contributed to the creation of this cool chill out area in a bohemian eastern style. Lighting was also key in addition to decor to create the warm red glow.

One of our biggest projects to date was the creation of a 13m x 7m circus tent for a circus themed party, installed in the Orangery at Babington House. This detailed project saw Ali, our decor superstar tasked with the hand creation of said tent. Armed with over 300m of red and white satin style fabric, Ali set to work sewing together this huge tent. It turned out that that was the easy bit compared to erecting the tent inside the venue. The relief was palpable when it was successfully up, with every stripe matched and stitched to perfection. You can watch a video of that here.


And here’s a peek inside.

Another popular option for venue styling is the use of furniture and accessory hire items such as LED furniture or fire pits.


LED furniture is a perfect accompaniment to LED uplighting as can be seen in this Pool Party decor, while hire accessories such as fire pits are a great idea for outdoor spaces, alongside outdoor seating such as hay bales or chill out areas to create a social alfresco feel.

It’s absolutely imperative to factor health and safety into venue dressing, which is something that DIY jobs often don’t consider. All our professional materials are made from high quality flame retardant contract fabric. We hold Public Liability Insurance, and Employee Liability Insurance and have training in all relevant safety procedures.

For any queries on venue styling and decor, feel free to contact us