Mells Barn Weddings

Timeless Elegance: In the black and white capture of a stone barn interior, the bride stands at the heart of the frame, surrounded by friends. Overhead, a delicate fairy-light canopy adds a touch of enchantment, creating a timeless and magical ambiance within the rustic setting.
Wedding party in full swing with fairy-light canopy

Mells Barn is a Grade II* listed building of 14th/15th century construction, now providing a unique and charming village hall facility in the heart of the Somerset countryside. It is the closest venue to our base in Frome and we’ve worked there on many happy occasions over the years supplying DJs and entertainment, lighting and styling.

Below are some images from parties and weddings where we have enhanced the venue with lighting and styling. 

Although it’s a very nice village hall, it does require some additional titivation to make it a beautiful barn wedding venue.

Rustic Elegance: Inside the barn, wooden beams and a charming ceiling set the scene. A mesmerizing mirrorball takes center stage, surrounded by the whimsical glow of fairy lights. Ivy gracefully wraps around the lights on the beams, creating a warm and enchanting ambience in this rustic and elegant space.
Silver Mirror-ball and Fairy-light canopy at Mells Barn
Mells Barn Dressed for A Wedding Reception
Mells Barn with Stylish Entertainment's Fairy Light Zig Zag Canopy and White Shades
Mells Barn Radiance: Within the rustic charm of Mells Barn in Somerset, pink LED up-lights cast vibrant hues, painting the stone walls with playful shades. Tables and chairs line each side, bathed in the gentle glow. At the end, a DJ setup awaits, creating a lively and colorful atmosphere within this captivating venue.
Pink LED up-lights installed for a party
Mells Barn Enchantment: Inside the charming Mells Barn, the ceiling is adorned with a magical display of fairy lights, casting a warm glow. Delicate decorative petals dangle gracefully from above, creating an ethereal atmosphere that adds a touch of enchantment to the rustic interior
Fairy-lights with bead dressing
Marquee attached to Mells Barn in Somerset
Add a marquee to the barn for extra drinks space
Image of Mells Barn, Somerset with fairy-lights installed in the ceiling.
The beautiful Mells Barn in Somerset with additional fairy-light canopy supplied by STYLISH Entertainment

You can also add a marquee for extra space and use the garden for fun and games. Across the road is the beautiful and award-winning Talbot Inn for B&B and food.

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