Babington House May Wedding

Hi Nigel - thank you *so* much for doing such an amazing set at the reception! You got loads of compliments from guests; I think playing classics from our college days made us feel like 20 year old disco kings and queens again, and thanks for working in the requests too. I'm still smiling from the night of dancing (though my feet aren't so thrilled). 

The Singing Waiters were perfect too, Thomas had no clue what was going on, but loved it and I got extra marks with his Maman for being "so clever" as to have them perform all her opera favourites (twas luck, not design, but I'll take credit if it's going). 

Also, please pass on my thanks to the Cocktail Trio. Hearing them happily noodling away by the house as we left the church just set the mood perfectly and my sister absolutely loved playing with them :-)They're such great musicians & Mike even scored one of her songs for her & gave it as a souvenir.

The photo booth guy was great and really helpful on the day too. I haven't had a look through the pics yet, but the few that people have showed me are hilarious.  

Oh gorgeous, we loved all the lighting...

All in all, fantastic work and a really super event!

Heather & Thomas, Babington House Wedding May 5th 2016