Babington House Wedding

Hi Nige
Just wanted to drop you a message to say a HUGE THANK YOU for everything you did for our wedding. The lighting was spectacular and your djing was of course smashing, we had such a nice time and it was great for you to be apart of it.
We are moving to Bath at the end of the year so I’m sure we will bump into you soon at Babs.
Thanks once again

Camilla and Richard, Babington House, Somerset. August 24th 2023

Night of Celebration: Babington House Wedding. In the heart of the wedding night party, the bride and groom dance joyfully in the foreground. Surrounding them, a jubilant crowd claps and cheers, enveloped in the warm glow of amber shafts of light. The scene captures the collective happiness and exuberance of this special celebration.

Camilla and Richard, Babington House, Frome, Somerset / UK + International Wedding Photographer /