Hotel du Vin, Poole, Dorset

Hi Rich,

It's been a month since our wedding, so we are long overdue the massive THANK YOU that we owe you for doing such an amazing job at our wedding. We've had so many people say to us what a great evening it was (no faint praise considering a lot of them were the "Amsterdammers", many of whom appear to have PhDs in partying), you did an amazing job to keep the dance floor full throughout. All killer, no filler. All bangers, no clangers, as it were. 

Please do let us know if there is anywhere we can leave a testimonial so we can spread the word about how ace you are, any couple would be lucky to have you preside over their wedding dancefloor 🙂

Lots of love and thanks,

Vicky & Oli, Hotel du Vin, Poole, Dorset. 23rd July 2022